Christmas Stocking - Blockcraft (Green Top)

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These Handmade Christmas Stockings are sure to impress. A gorgeous keepsake to bring out each year. 

Great size to add a few treats for your loved ones this Christmas.

Sturdy enough to sit pretty and well without flopping when hung up by its handle. They are also fully lined on the inside.

Approximately 35cm x 28cm

About Us

At Bean Sprout, we use only the finest quality merino wool, hand knitted by our handful of Grandmothers who specialise in the unique style of hats we offer.

Our team of experienced, highly skilled sewers with a superb eye for detail love to create our summer hats and book bags. 

Our durable cotton fabrics are hand-picked each season ensuring these are tailored to both the latest and upcoming trends. 

We believe in the value of local, hand-made and through this commitment we can ensure our customers are receiving the best quality products.

We love dressing littlies in all things colourful and modern so if this sounds like you too … Welcome to Bean Sprout.