Hi! Hello!

Thanks for popping into Bean Sprout Store! I’m Hiedee, a crafty girl. Actually a really crafty girl, mum of two and maker and lover of all things gorgeous.

I’m sure I was born with the need to create, but ever since having children my creative side has ramped up a notch. My two little loves continually inspire me to stitch and knit with such passion.

Bean Sprout was born out of the need to share some of my handmade goodness. I found that like me – other parents wanted their little delights to wear high quality, fun designs and highly functional products.  I love colour and all things happy so if you’re into that, we’ll get on just fine! 

We are just a small team here at Bean Sprout, Christchurch, New Zealand.  I have a handful of knitters, including my clever mum who makes all our knitted products.  So, although we’re small, this craft-loving team sure just love supplying you with items you just can’t live without!

Hiedee xx


Me and my little loves Maisie and Beau xx